Printers from Cardinal Copier Solutions

Become More Productive with Cardinal’s Printers

One key to staying productive is having the best equipment in your workplace. Top-notch hardware enables you to complete tasks quickly, consistently and with minimal waste.

At Cardinal Copier Solutions, we stock machines that deliver the results that your business needs. With one of our available printers, you can produce tens of thousands of pages every month.

Features of Cardinal’s Printers

Cardinal’s printers give you:

Outstanding Print Speeds and Duty Cycles

Our devices deliver hundreds of pages in minutes and more than 100,000 prints each month.

High DPI Resolutions

The high dpi resolutions of our printers keep your text and images sharp and attractive.

Environmentally Responsible Designs

Cardinal’s printers qualify for the Energy Star and EPEAT programs thanks to their superior productivity and innovative, low-power and low-waste designs. Also, they use toner cartridges that yield thousands of pages before they need to be replaced.

Other Features

Available printers also come with:

  • Automatic duplexing for better supply usage
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Editing and data security features

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Our printers are just one way by which our clients can increase their productivity. For details on our other Managed Copier Solutions, go to the following pages:

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For specifications on our printers, see our

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