Managed Copier Solutions

Hardware and Services to Maximize Your Productivity

Office productivity depends on a variety of factors. You need top-notch equipment that functions efficiently and reliably. At the same time, you need the know-how to leverage that equipment. You need the ability to minimize waste and stay efficient.

Cardinal Copier Solutions can give you all of the above. With our comprehensive Managed Copier Solutions, you can choose from a variety of superior printers and other devices. You’ll also be able to take advantage of outstanding services that ensure your equipment meets your company’s specific document needs.


Multifunction Copiers

In addition to producing great prints and copies, our multifunction copiers allow you to scan your documents and send them to fax numbers, email addresses and various locations on your network.

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Wide Format Printers

With our wide format printers, you can print and scan blueprints and other larger documents quickly.

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Color/B&W Printers

Our printers deliver hundreds of clean, sharp pages within minutes. You’ll get high quality prints in both color and black and white.

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Digital Whiteboards

Cardinal’s digital whiteboards give you such excellent features as high-resolution displays for millions of stunning colors and easy-to-use controls

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Printer Services

Cardinal offers a variety of services to help you get the most from your printer fleet. We can act as a dependable resource for:

  • Fast, effective repair work
  • Tracking and managing printer expenses in your workplace
  • Protecting the information printed on your devices
  • Reducing supply and energy waste

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