Wide Format Systems

Wide Format Systems by Cardinal Copier Solutions

Enhance Your In-House Printing Capabilities

Sometimes, the standard letter size (8.5” x 11”) isn’t enough for the documents you need. You may need to print larger documents such as:

  • Architectural designs
  • Storefront banners
  • Advertising and marketing materials

Cardinal Copier Solutions has excellent resources for customers whose businesses require documents such as these. With one of our wide format systems, you can produce and distribute larger prints of outstanding quality. You’ll be able to get more work done efficiently and in-house.

Benefits of Wide Format Systems

Cardinal’s wide format systems give you:

Excellent Printing Speeds

You can print or copy D-size pages within seconds.

Scanning Capabilities

Our wide format systems also enable you to scan larger documents to:

  • Email
  • Network folders
  • USB/SD
  • URL
  • PDF and PDF/A
  • TIFF
  • JPEG

Energy-Efficient Design

We offer devices that qualify for the Energy Star and EPEAT programs. You’ll be able to reduce your energy usage and waste simply by implementing our equipment.

More on Managed Copier Solutions

Our wide format systems are just one option for improving how you deal with documents. Go to the pages listed below to learn more about our Managed Copier Solutions:

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Document Management

For specifications on our wide format systems, check out our

To discuss how these devices can produce the blueprints and other large-sized documents you need,