Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers from Cardinal Copier Solutions

Increase Productivity with Multifunction Copiers

Many companies focus on efficiency and multitasking. To keep your competitive edge, you need to figure out ways to streamline your workflows and get tasks done faster.

With one of Cardinal’s multifunction copiers, increasing efficiency becomes effortless. These devices perform the functions of multiple pieces of office equipment. They enable you to:

  • Eliminate redundant hardware
  • Produce documents rapidly
  • Distribute information and collaborate easily

Features of Multifunction Copiers

Cardinal’s multifunction copiers have these main features:


They give you hundreds of pages in just a few minutes. Our devices’ high print resolutions ensure that text and images are sharp and error-free on print after print.

In addition to their superior productivity, Cardinal’s multifunction copiers are Energy Star certified. They allow you to lower your power usage and expenses without interfering with your daily operations.


Our multifunction copiers also deliver copies that look just as good as your original documents.

Scanning and Faxing

You can scan document to various formats and locations, including

  • PDF and PDF/A
  • JPEG
  • SMB/FTP/NCP Folders
  • Email
  • USB

Once you’ve scanned a document, you can send them out via internet fax as well.

More on Managed Copiers Solutions

Cardinal has several options to help you increase your productivity. Check out the pages below for more on our Managed Copiers Solutions:


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For specifications on our devices, see our

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