Digital Whiteboards

Digital Whiteboards

Share Information and Collaborate Better with Digital Whiteboards

Cardinal Copier Solutions takes pride in giving clients new ways to increase their productivity. We continuously search out products and services that enable you to get more work done everyday.

With one of our available digital whiteboards is one such product. These pieces of equipment give you the chance to:

  • Make your presentations more engaging
  • Enhance your brainstorming sessions and develop ideas better
  • Expand your collaboration capabilities

Features of Digital Whiteboards

Cardinal’s digital whiteboards give you such excellent features as:

  • High-resolution displays for millions of stunning colors
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Ability to create text and images by hand or with an electronic pen
  • PIN code security
  • Automatic data erasing
  • Options for saving your notes and presentations (USB drive, network directory, internal memory)
  • Ability to connect wirelessly with multiple PCs and mobile devices

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Digital whiteboards are just one of Cardinal’s Managed Copier Solutions. To learn about our other products and how they can improve your daily operations, go to the following pages:

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