Protect Your Systems and Your Information

New technology creates exciting opportunities for companies, but it can bring new problems too.

Computer hackers and malware can pose serious threats to your business. They can cause your systems to malfunction or crash, which can bring your productivity to a screeching halt. To make matters worse, online threats can compromise your sensitive information. This can lead to legal trouble, lost profits and damaged reputations.

Cardinal Copier Solutions can help you stay protected and productive. Our security solution gives you powerful safeguards against online threats.

Features of Security Solution

Cardinal’s security solution covers a diverse range of services, including:

Network Antivirus Protection

You can take advantage of real-time virus and malware detection. You’ll get reliable alerts if you’re about to go to a webpage with suspicious content. If you search for something on Bing or Google, you can check safety ratings of the links that show up in the results.

Email Security

Our solution scans and removes infected attachments and dangerous code from your emails.

Identity Protection

We can help prevent adware and spyware from tracking your information.

Data Encryption & Password Protection

You can prevent unauthorized users from accessing your company’s documents.

More Managed IT Solutions

Cardinal can help your workplace run smoothly in other ways. Go to the pages listed below to learn about our other managed IT solutions:

Remote Monitoring

Help Desk Support

Backup & Disaster Recovery

To discuss how our security solution can protect your network,