I hope you like the redesigned look to our web site.  This has been in development for the last several
months.  I believe that it is a lot more informative and user-friendly than our previous website!
Hundreds of our customers enjoy the benefits of a free service called @Remote.  The service allows your copier to automatically contact our office when certain events happen, such as when toner gets low orruns out or when error codes appear.  @Remote also allows us to collect copy counts automatically,thereby saving those nuisance phone calls from our office asking for the meter readings from the copier. @Remote uses the same level of security as online banking, giving you peace of mind.  If you want to bea part of this free service, please contact the office and ask for me.
Just like milk, bread, and other perishable food items, toner also has a shelf life.  Under normal storageconditions, toner should be used within 6 months of your receiving it from us.  Otherwise, the toner mayclump up in the bottle, causing quality issues and occasionally lead to the machine going down until wecan replace parts that become damaged due to the condition of the toner.  Therefore, users need tomake sure to rotate toner and not stock more than will be used in the near future.


Patrick Benner
General Manager