HP Announces New High‐Volume Inkjet Web Press, Product Enhancements, and Other Major Milestones

Palo Alto, CA, October 19, 2022 — HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) today announced the newest high-volume production inkjet web press, the HP PageWide Web Press T485 HD with HP Brilliant Ink.
This PageWide Web Press is designed to deliver on a wide range of applications including commercial, direct mail, publishing, and transactional, providing print service providers (PSPs) the versatility to meet the needs of their customers on uncoated and coated papers.
“We are excited to announce the expansion of our PageWide portfolio with HP Brilliant Ink. This new HP PageWide press offers Print Service Providers brilliant quality while printing at amazing speeds,” said Annette Friskopp, Global Head and General Manager at HP PageWide. “The HP PageWide T485 HD with HP Brilliant Ink was designed to provide offset-class quality and to help increase return on investment for our customers, allowing them to improve their profitability and growth.”
Key benefits of the HP PageWide Web Press T485 HD with HP Brilliant Ink include:

  • Outstanding Quality: HP Brilliant ink enables a wider, more vivid color gamut and allows users to print directly to coated and uncoated offset media.
  • Exceptional Productivity:  Print up to 800 fpm/244mpm mono and color in Performance mode, this productive inkjet offers reliable printing at amazing speeds over 400,000 pages per hour in full color.
  • Extraordinary Versatility: This 42-in width press offers flexibility to produce a broader range of applications on various media types and formats, allowing customers to grow their business and expand into new applications. These applications go beyond traditional direct mail and books and can include flyers, brochures, self-mailers, posters, banners, journals, magazines, catalogs and newspapers.

The HP PageWide Web Press T485 HD with HP Brilliant Ink is available for sale as an upgrade to existing PageWide T400 series presses and for new orders, with expected product availability in the first half of 2023.
To learn more about this productive new press, please visit the product kit at www.hp.com.
HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD Innovations
The HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD remains an important part of the HP PageWide portfolio. HP continues improve it with enhanced productivity and is announcing today an all-new 800 fpm/244 mpm mono mode.
This latest enhancement to the T250 HD enables a 60% productivity improvement for monochrome applications. With an impressive 90-million page duty cycle3 per month, this upgrade allows existing PageWide T250 HD customers to produce 1,250 x 300 page, 6x9 book blocks per hour.
This announcement demonstrates HP’s commitment to our customer’s success, by offering another upgrade to this popular 20” press platform. Since it was first available in 2010, HP has offered four significant upgrades to this platform, offering higher quality, faster speed, increased media compatibility, and now ultra-fast monochrome speed capability.
HP PageWide Commercial Presses Hit 750 Billion Page Milestone
Today at Printing United, HP announced its inkjet production printing solution, PageWide Web Press portfolio, has reached a milestone of 750 billion pages printed.
“This major milestone of 750 billion pages printed on PageWide Commercial Presses shows that our continued investment in innovation is paying off for our customers as they continue to utilize PageWide technology to meet their customers’ needs,” said Annette Friskopp, Global Head and General Manager at HP PageWide. “Print Service Providers utilizing HP PageWide Presses are printing almost double the annual market growth rate, which is a testament to the quality and reliability of PageWide presses.”
Global Installations of HP PageWide Advantage 2200 Begin
Today, HP announced that one of the first global installations of the HP PageWide Advantage 2200 took place in France at DataOne, part of Groupe Diffusion Plus, a leading-edge customer communication management company who provides innovative and sustainable  solutions for transactional and targeted marketing programs.
Loïc Lefebvre, Development Director, DataOne/Groupe Diffusion Plus said, “This new investment is decisive for our group, as we have decided to accelerate our ‘eco-responsible strategy for a sustainable customer relationship.’ Indeed, for several years, the Diffusion Plus group has engaged its ecological transition. Our objective is clearly to reduce our carbon footprint, while developing new products and experiences, particularly for our Direct Marketing activities.”
The HP PageWide Advantage 2200 with full color HD printing speed of 150m/min will empower DataOne to go into new applications. Lefebvre added, “we are completing the proactive program of migration from plastic film wrapping to paper, which began more than 3 years ago. As with the contents, the enveloping containers now is fully customizable and manufactured directly in our production sites without additional transport. We will thus produce more volumes of very high quality in much less time, on standard papers and this will allow us to stop the operation of several toner-based machines, creating substantial energy savings. Our relationship with HP is a creator of CO2 savings, energy sobriety and innovations to explore new markets.”
The HP PageWide Advantage 2200 was designed to meet the needs of print service providers of all sizes. This revolutionary press offers industry leading productivity with quality, and media versatility for those in publishing, direct mail, and commercial print, to help grow their business.
To learn more about DataOne, please visit www.groupediffusionplus.fr.
HP’s SmartStream Elite-DT Print Server Advancements
HP announces expansion and increased flexibility of the HP SmartStream Elite print server family with an innovative solution built specifically to support the needs of printers producing direct mail and transactional applications. The HP SmartStream Elite-DT print server is a digital front end driving HP’s portfolio of PageWide presses with newly expanded capabilities streaming IPDS content to the press and expanding support for AFP, PDF, and PostScript file types.  Fast native RIPs with object reuse and on-the-fly page composition and imposition offer printers new workflow alternatives for specialized security applications and privacy/security regulatory compliance.
HP ColorPRO Partners with Leading Paper Mills Across the World
HP announces the expansion of ColorPRO global collaborations that offer inkjet customers additional choice when printing high value, variable content on production inkjet presses.  These include UPM, Pixelle, Burgo, Sylvamo, Crown Van Gelder, Georgia-Pacific and Mondi. HP ColorPRO technology offers inkjet users the ability to print higher quality, designed for lower running costs and exceptional runability, further enhancing HP’s PageWide portfolio of presses.